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Terms of Use


We want to surprise our clientele, in a positive way. So if you're not pleased with your service, please contact Web Brainiac and our professionals will do all they can to make it correct.

We offer assured computer services provided to you by Web Brainiac online or over the phone for 15 days. However, for repairs needed because of a virus or spyware, our service assurance is only applicable if the anti-virus and anti-spyware protection for your product is installed or upgraded during the repair or before you once more connect to the internet.

The prospective clients may order services by submitting Plan Orders through the Web Brainiac Portal or by calling Web Brainiac. Once Web Brainiac accepts the Plan Order submitted by the client, then the client will receive an email from Web Brainiac at the email address that the client supplied or have provided to Web Brainiac as part of the Registration Process for the Services. Web Brainiac is not accountable for providing Services in connection with any Plan Order that it has not accepted. Upon receipt by Web Brainiac of a Plan Order, the clients will have a Service Plan.


Subject to the Terms and Conditions, and other terms specific to each Service Plan, Web Brainiac will tackle your query utilizing commercially logical efforts in providing suitable solutions under the Services. In most cases, Web Brainiac will endeavor problem analysis and a solution through chat, email or other means as it deems most fitting under the situation including remote access. You comprehend that if remote access is used on your system there will be no remaining software from the remote session; however, there may be a text file placed on your system that will give details about the work that was done on your computer. If such a text file is positioned on your computer, you have the option to either save the file for future reference or to remove it from your computer. All undertakings under Service Plans are subject to Web Brainiac Limited Warranty, which is set forth below. You agree to pay all Services Fee and any other valid fee/charges as set out in the pertinent Plan Order in agreement with the Payment Terms.


Services provided against any Plan Order will be obtainable once you have completed payment for Services in accordance to the necessities of the corresponding Plan Order. Web Brainiac is under no compulsion to provide Services under any Service Plan if the payments as required under any Plan Order have not been made. You appreciate that certain Service Plans might have fee including, but not restricted to "Service Fee" and/or "Activation Fee" payable either on yearly basis or on a monthly basis. Subject to the relevant Term Plan, all payments under the Annual Plan shall be made upfront at time of beginning of the subscription cycle. For payments under the Recurring Payment Plan, apart from the monthly installments of the Service Fee, payable over a one (1) year payment term, you shall be charged an extra non-refundable Activation Fee at the time of registration, as specific in the Plan Order. The fee (including Activation Fee) will not be refunded in case of termination of the Service Plan unless otherwise affirmed in the Plan Order. All fee under this clause or a relevant Plan Order, is payable at the time of the beginning of the Service Plan.

All terms of Service Fee and/or any other fee payable under any form of payment for a Subscription shall be set forth in the pertinent Plan Order. Similarly, some plans might offer a price cut on the Service if you sign up for other Web Brainiac services. You concur to uphold your Service and the bundled services for the relevant term. If you signed up for a Term Plan or a Bundle Discount, the price available with those plans is applicable until one of the following occurs: (1) the Term Plan end; (2) you drop one of the Web Brainiac services you were required to buy to obtain the unique rate as notified to Web Brainiac; or (3) You end the agreement/Service Plan before the end of the relevant term.


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